My Top 3 Healthy Food Resources

Trying to eat local, but don’t know where to start? Think you don’t have farmer’s markets around your area? Wanting to support local farmers but don’t know where to find them?

If you are any of the above or just in need of resources, these are my top 3 online websites to visit for finding local farms and markets in your area that offer meats, dairy, eggs, and produce! 

The list:  

1. a state-by-state directory of local farms for pasture-raised meats, grass fed dairy, eggs, and fruits/vegetables! Options for home delivery. 

2. an online tool to find family farms and farmer's markets local to you. They also provide restaurants and grocery stores in your area that feature local foods as well. 

3. a directory to find raw dairy in each state. A great resource for information and hot topics on dairy as well.