Soil Health Affects Our Health

Soil is a vital part of life. It is the foundation of a healthy planet and healthy society. It is packed with so much life- worms, microbes/ microorganisms, fungi, bacteria, slugs, etc. that most of the world overlooks! It is an important part of our ecosystem and is the foundation of healthy, nutrient dense crops and animal products.The quality of the soil affects the quality of our food which also provides quality health. Our health and the health of our planet are connected.

Modern agriculture is not designed for the betterment of soil. Instead of understanding nature’s natural processes it is much easier to spray a bunch of chemicals to solve the problem. But this is so wrong. When crops are maintained and rotated properly, they maintain the nutrient balance in soil that keeps them healthy. This means pests are less likely to attack or invade crops. If we were to understand the plants processes and attend to their needs, they will be able to take care of themselves. Modern soil is dead and sterilized with no universe of life living there, therefore no nutrients either.

Microbes that are found in soil are transferred through the plant that we eat and our gut feeds off of.
Just like chemicals - roundup or Glyphosate - kill microbes in the soil, they do the same to microbes in our bodies.

It’s a shame eating less processed, more natural organic foods cost more? I’ll never understand that. I dream of a world where these types of foods can be more accessible to all types of people. Do the best you can. Eat and support local organic farmers as much as possible and maybe try growing your own food too! There needs to be a change in modern agriculture to support the health of the soil and the health of us humans too! 

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