Carrots: The Same, But Different


CONVENTIONAL: mass production of one crop, lacks biodiversity so soil conditions are completely devoid of nutrients. Highly sprayed with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc. Taste is kinda bland because the carrot doesn’t take up many nutrients and minerals and therefore lacks a lot of flavor. Not saying these kinds of carrots are bad because they’re not. Conventional carrots are still better than any processed foods and if this is what you can afford then totally okay. However I'd advise to follow the dirty dozen to lessen your exposure to pesticides/ chemicals. 

ORGANIC: Pesticide free but some naturally derived chemicals can be sprayed but not as much or has harmful as conventional. Soil health is much better than conventional. Taste is more flavorful. Better option to conventional. However is it  imported organic? Regulations can sometimes be different depending where it is coming from so something to keep in mind! 

LOCAL:  Normally produced on a smaller scale. They usually are farming organically but sometimes can’t afford the label to be certified organic. Their farming practices are more holistic and mimic nature’s ecosystem. Full of polycultures, pollinators, so much life! Soils are healthy and abundant with microorganisms, fungi, earthworms, all the tiny life we can’t see which create a much more nutritious environment for the carrot to absorb the nutrients for you to eat and obtain for your body! The taste is sweeter and has distinct flavor, also sometimes weirdly shaped which I personally love. lol. Also, who doesn’t love to support a local farm in your community :)

See the difference? This is just something to think about. Obviously do what works for you and if that means buying only a small portion from local farms or whatever the case is, that’s perfectly okay. Any kind of carrot is still better than processed food!! I often think about our overproduction with food and the obsession with huge monoculture farms. 

We always want bigger and better but is it really better? Think about this. To obtain the lovely nutrients found in a carrot you must look at the environment it is growing in — the soil. Soil is so important for us. Create the right healthy environment for the carrot so it can absorb all of those amazing nutrients that we can eat and then absorb in our bodies. It’s the most fascinating process. The health of the soil is connected to the health of us humans. It’s all connected! 

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