My Kitchen Essentials for a Healthy Diet

There are endless kitchen gadgets out there on the market today. Coming from someone who went to culinary school and worked in professional kitchens in New York City, I have to say, a lot of those tools are a waste of time, money, and space! Below, I have narrowed down my top kitchen essentials that I would recommend in every home kitchen. These tools and appliances make meal prepping a lot easier for me to maintain my healthy diet. 


1. A chef's knife. I have a special one I bought for my culinary career at Korin in New York City. It's a Japanese style knife and "holds its edge well" meaning it stays sharp for longer periods of time after each sharpening. Personally, a sharp knife is a must in my kitchen as it makes chopping and slicing a lot faster and easier. However, you can find a good quality knife at a more affordable price through stores such as Crate and Barrel, West Elm, Sur la table, or even Amazon! I use this knife for just about anything and my pairing knife for smaller items. A chef's knife and pairing knife are the only knives you need. Maybe a bread knife too if you are a bread maker or like to buy fresh, whole loaves! But really, that's it. You don't need to take up space in the kitchen with one of those huge block knife sets. 

2. Good quality pot and pan set. I love my old school stainless steel AllClad pots and pan. I am very lucky that I was able to snag a few pots and pans from my culinary school. They were selling them at a highly discounted rate when, unfortunately, decided to close down. However, I have realized throughout my career that these are the best pans to have and invest in. They hold heat extremely well, are durable, and will last a lifetime. They are definitely an investment and I fortunately got lucky to even be able to own the tiny set I do have, but I would suggest looking for discounts online or even at your local HomeGoods or TJMaxx stores. They can be found at any kitchenware store. It's a reliable brand, so would highly recommend. More affordable brand alternatives are Calphalon or Cusinart. 

3. Vitamix. I have an older, reburbished version I bought on Groupon at a discounted price. I have had this thing for over 5 years now and still works like a GEM. I use this for all kinds of things: smoothies, lattes, sauces, salad dressings, pestos, soups, and more! It blends so smoothly and efficiently. This is a must in my kitchen. I have tried nutribullet, oyster, and other blender brands on the market but this just does the job best. To me, it is worth the investment! 

4. Food Processor. While it is similar to a blender, I like to have my food processor to make salsas, applesauce, or chop up food into smaller pieces. If I'm not wanting such a smooth, refined texture, I use my food processor. I have this one I really like.

5. Chinois/fine mesh sieve. I discovered this tool during culinary school and it is definitely one of my favorites. Perfect for straining smooth stocks, sauces, soups, herbal decoctions, etc. I use this often. 

6. Heavy duty tongs. I love these . Sturdy and durable. Perfect for flipping meats and vegetables. 

7. Microplane. I'm a big lemon zest lover. These microplanes are perfect for zesting citrus. They are also great for shredding hard cheeses. 

8. Peeler. These are my favorite. Very sharp! Be careful. 

9. Salad Spinner. I love these for fresh lettuces or greens I get at the market. I also use these to clean fresh berries or other small fruits. Wash, rinse, and spin. So easy. It makes cleaning your produce a little more fun :) 

10. Silicone Spatulas. Various sizes are good to have on hand. I use them to scramble my eggs, scrape food out of the blender/food processor, and many more uses. Make sure they are heat resistant! Something like these. 

11. Cuttings board. I like having various sizes. One for meats, vegetables, and smaller items. 

12. Mason Jars/Containers. I have quite the collection of jars. They come in handy for me for meal prep and storing leftovers. A collection of jars and/or containers is great to have on hand to store your meal prepped food and leftovers throughout the week. 


Do what you can. It is not necessary to have all the tools and appliances I list above, however, these are what I would recommend and what work best for me. I hope any of the above can be useful and beneficial for you in your own kitchen! :) 



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